Industrial Racking Storage System

Industrial Racking Storage System – Pallet racking provides the best answer for warehouse in which you need to store any product with a range of loads. lt is the most universal system for direct and single access to each pallet.The working aisle measurement between each rack and the rack height can be adjust to forklift trucks characteristics, size of pallet and height of the warehouse itself. With our wide range of systems, it will meet the costumer’s requirements. Our pallet racking is tested with SNI 0908:2007 and FEM 10.02.02 that ensure the hight quality products.

Industrial Racking Storage System

SELECTIVE PALLET RACK Providing cost effective, high capacity storage andeasy access to all pallets. lt provides 1 000/o accessibilityof palletised goods. lnfinitely adjustable and offering a wide range of options and components to accom modate speciaIized load types.

DOUBLE DEEP PALLET RACK The best compromise between a selective and high density pallet racking system. By storing pallets two deep, higher storage density can be achieved.

VERY NARROWAISLE PALLET RACK Conventional selective pallet racking configured with narrower aisles that can be used with a speciplly
designed turrettruck. ,

DRIVE IN PALLET RACK A space saving system that allows forklift to drive through storage aisles. With only one open end, the goods are store and retrieve from the same end. This type of racking apply the “First in, Last out” principle. Suitable for large quantities of the same product, drive in pallet racking is cost effective in high-density storage.

CANTILEVER RACKING A Cantilever Rack has the load carrying arm projecting from a single column, and is supported on one end only. Cantilever Racks have no front post or columns along the aisle, therefore, optimizing space utilization and allowing immediate access to your inventory.

MOBILE PALLET RACKING The racks are electronically powered to access every aisle when needed. Special constructed floors with running and guide rails are needed. Powered mobile
is usually conceived at the planning stage qnd is used extensively.

SHUTTLE STORAGE SYSTEM Used in either first inlfirst out (FIFO), last in/first’ out (LIFO) configuration, or a combination of both and High density, ideal for SKUs with high stock levels.
Shuttle unit can running up and down lanes retrieving pallets and bringing them back to the front.

CARTON FLOW RACK Carton Flow Rack systems are used for fastest-moving items as well as slow and odd shape merchandise.The systems are gravity-driven and perfect for applications with numerous SKUs. lt is widely used combined with pallet rack,2-tiershelving and so on.

PALLET FLOW RACKING Pallet Flow racking system provides excellent volume utilization on First-ln First-Out (FIFO) principle. Speed reduction units control the speed of pallets and prevent line build up and pressure, automatic off load separation gates and entry guides ensure ease of operation.

MEZZANINE PALLET RACK Providing a high bay pallet racking with walkways in the aisles between the rack, the advantage of this type is the efficiency of using space above the pallet rack to gain formerly unusable space by access\ng vertical space in your facility to extend your storage or manufacturing processes.

LONGSPAN is an ideal solution for carton type storage with manual handling which not only cost effective but also easy to assemble and dismantle. After you moved your warehouse, the shelving can be moved together lt enables you to add or remove shelf levels and unit number, adjusting to the difference height within the same warehouse thus, it will provide maximum utility of the warehouse space. With a storage that requires to have lots of SKU with frequent logistic flows, it will be very beneficial to use this type of storage. A variety of accessories available for all kinds of applications with different storage unit dimensions.

LONGSPAN SINGLE TIER To store items of almost any size, Longspan flexible modular design can provide high load capacity shelving bays. The result is storage that meets your exact needs.
– Modular system adapts to your needs
– Wide choice of beam lengths to suit item sizes
– Quick and easy to construct
– Perfect for hand-picking

LONGSPAN MULTI-TIER The multi-tier racking has multi-tiers of long-span shelving racks, it multiplies the utility of the warehouse storage space and keeping the same features of the long-span shelving. lt is the best for the high-bay warehouse with small goods, manual picking and big store capacity with many different types, also good for old warehouse renewal, it can improve the storage capacity.

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